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Merlin: Ladies of War (The Whose War Anyway Remix)

Original Fic: Ladies of War, by veleda_k
Remix: Ladies of War (The Whose War Anyway Remix) [Gwen/Morgana vaguely, 100 words, rated PG for mention of death, spoilers for episode 1x12], by wordsofastory

The chain-mail looks like jewelry on Morgana, gleaming in the sunlight against her pale, easily bruised skin. She reminds Gwen of warrior queens in the legends they've read: honourable, aristocratic, willful- unrealistic.

Gwen agreed to the sword-practice because Morgana thinks they'll be safer. Gwen thinks swords and armour won't defeat the dreams that steal Morgana's peace, nor Gaius and his potions, nor Uther who had Tom killed.

Gwen understands the heft of metal, the sharpness of a blade, and she knows that neither will protect her. But she remembers her father's hands guiding hers, and appreciates the comfort of swords.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: merlin, original author: veleda_k, remix author: wordsofastory
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