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Doctor Who/Torchwood: Not on His Side (The Laughing Universe Remix)

Original Fic: Another Time, by aralias
Remix: Not on His Side (The Laughing Universe Remix) [Jack, 100 words, rated G, spoilers for season 2 of New Who and the first episode of Torchwood, maybe], by astrogirl2

Jack tries to find the Doctor, looking for him in the places he knows he'll be, because Jack remembers being there with him. But something always happens. He's called away on an emergency. His car dies. A ridiculously contrived chain of circumstances deflects his path at the last moment. Twice, he dies on the way.

Time attempts to protect itself from paradoxes. Jack knows that; it's Time Agent 101. But it isn't usually this good at it. Maybe time hates him. Maybe because he's the one person it just can't seem to defeat any other way.

Like that's his fault.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: [crossovers], fandom: doctor who, fandom: torchwood, original author: aralias, remix author: astrogirl2

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