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Blake's 7: No Mouth (The Other Other Side Remix)

Original Fic: The Other Side of the Glass, by kerravonsen
Remix: No Mouth (The Other Other Side Remix) [Cally, 150 words, rated PG, may be spoilery for the episode "Ultraworld"], by astrogirl2

It was like possession in reverse. That, too, had been a violation, but at least then she'd had the comfort of another presence in her head. Now even she was being emptied from it.


She regained consciousness -- she could not call it waking -- to a silence deeper and lonelier than she'd imagined possible, as if the world no longer existed. Or she no longer did.

A voice came to her, not by sound or by telepathy. She recognized it, after a moment, as Vila, though there was no feel of Vila's mind behind it. Her body had been lost on Ultraworld, it said, but the tube containing her memories and thoughts had been preserved. Uploaded.

"You might like being a computer, Cally," the voice said, distant and unreal. "Avon does!"

She didn't know whether to laugh or cry. But it hardly mattered, since she could do neither one.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: blake's 7, original author: kerravonsen, remix author: astrogirl2

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