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Supernatural: The Ties That Bind (The Valentine’s Remix)

Original Fic: your touch is with me always, burnt into my skin, by sororcula
Remix: The Ties That Bind (The Valentine’s Remix) [John/Mary, 200 words, rated PG], by kiwiana

Dean makes her a Valentine’s Day card, and she beams as he gives it to her.

“I love you, Mommy,” he says solemnly as she puts him to bed, almost too solemn for four years old, and she kisses the top of his head.
“I love you, Dean,” she whispers. Dean leans close, his tiny hand skimming her six months pregnant belly.

“Goodnight, baby,” he says, and his smile lights up his face. Mary smiles softly at him, her hand caressing her stomach. It’s been ten years since her parents died, and she’s just waiting for him to come back; to pull her family apart again. She doesn’t know who he’ll take – her husband, her son, the baby – but she watches and waits, and she stays alert.

John waits downstairs with a rose, his face lighting up when he sees her, as though she’s a treasure as opposed to a wife with too many secrets. She smiles back, and wonders as she does every night whether this is the last time she’ll see him.

He holds her close, arms encircling her easily despite her increased size, and they dance in their living room. Mary doesn’t let him see her tears.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: supernatural, original author: sororcula, remix author: dramaqueen469

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