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Harry Potter: Slivers on Your Tongue (The Two Worlds Remix)

Original Fic: Pieces of the year, slivers on your tongue, by sophinisba
Remix: Slivers on Your Tongue (The Two Worlds Remix) [Bill, Victoire, 100 words, rated PG, no warnings], by kerravonsen

Languages are not words, they are worlds.

Victoire could slip between worlds as easily as taking a breath.

Bill could only stand on the border. He thought it would be enough. But as the years passed, his Fleur drifted further away; distance growing to silence. Then she was gone.

Victoire had stayed, but it wasn't until she woke from a nightmare, babbling in French, that he realized that she felt even more cut off than he did.

For her, he would try. He would brave the border again.

Languages are not words, they are worlds. But love knows no boundaries.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: harry potter, original author: sophinisba, remix author: kerravonsen

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