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Doctor Who: In A Green Shade (The Colourblind Remix)

Original Fic: In A Green Shade by kindkit
Remix: In A Green Shade (The Colourblind Remix) [Harrison Chase, 100 words, rated PG, spoilers for "Seeds of Doom"], by kerravonsen

The camera didn't do it justice. It could not capture the Crynoid's speed, the scent of chlorophyll green. Green was the colour of peace, harmony, goodness. Plants did not rend, they did not destroy. Animals did that, red in tooth and claw.

It loomed above him, but he did not fear. Does a father fear his children? He opened his arms in welcome, in longing. In a green embrace, it encircled his mind; entangled, subsumed, consumed. At the end, there was no Self left to have fear.

He had forgotten that plants do destroy. They just do it more slowly.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: doctor who, original author: kindkit, remix author: kerravonsen

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