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Battlestar Galactica: Eight (Because Seven Ate Nine Remix)

Original Fic: Eight, by amathela
Remix: Eight (Because Seven Ate Nine Remix) [Sharon, Boomer/Chief, Athena/Helo, 150 words rated PG-13, a swear word, implied sex], by crevanfox

Sharon was from Troy. She had a family and a first boyfriend, and a first kiss and a first fuck which was disappointing, but got better the more they did it.

She isn't Sharon.

Boomer is serving aboard Galactica. It's her home away from home, especially after the attack. Boomer is a pilot, one of the best. Boomer loves Chief, and playing poker.

She isn't Boomer.

Athena is on Caprica. Athena thinks she might love Helo. Athena is pregnant with Helo's baby.

Athena is a cylon.

She's not real either, but at least she knows it.

She's never been to Troy, although she can remember being a little girl there.

She's never served on Galactica, although she can close her eyes and feel Chiefs touch, the burn of stolen liquor and stolen kisses.

She's been rained on and exposed to radiation, and she's in the run from her own people. For the first time Sharon "Athena" Valerii feels real.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: battlestar galactica, original author: amathela, remix author: crevanfox

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