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Good Omens: Spontaneous Acts of Charity (The Sorry We Missed You Remix)

Original Fic: A reason Aziraphale is awesomecakes, by lilian_cho
Remix: Spontaneous Acts of Charity (The Sorry We Missed You Remix) [Crowley, 150 words, rated G], by lilfluffykitten

It wasn’t that Crowley minded, after all he did the same thing when it was his turn on duty*. Anyway, despite what many people may have thought, the popular online behemoth wasn’t one of theirs. Crimson Trident Delivery Service**, on the other hand, was quite a different story. Crowley had always been rather proud of them.

* Acts of spontaneous charity giving (usually with an above average percentage of foreign coins stopping up the charity’s coffers. Oddly regardless of whether the charity giver had been out of the country in the last 5 years or not).
** Sorry we missed you. Your parcel can be collected from a small shed in a sprawling industrial estate 12 miles out of town (opening hours 06.30-07.45 daily. Except weekends, Bank Holidays and every second Thursday of the month). To arrange redelivery please call the below number between 10.25-11.05 (calls cost £3 per min).
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: good omens, original author: lilian_cho, remix author: lilfluffykitten

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