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Numb3rs: To Thine Own Self (The Taking Care of Larry Remix)

Original Fic: Day Has Gone Down, by izhilzha
Remix: To Thine Own Self (The Taking Care of Larry Remix) [Larry, Megan, 100 words, rated G], by goddess47

Larry wanted to go with Megan but being true to himself was also important. He had made the commitment to the monks and needed to follow through on it. It was not easy.

As the sun rose, obliterating the stars, she sighed. "I guess I'll go."

"It is for the best," Larry agreed, reluctantly. There was something soothing about his arm about her and sitting close together. He had watched the stars while she had watched him.

They scrambled up from the hard ground. Larry hugged her somewhat awkwardly, tucked her in the car and watched as she drove away.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: numb3rs, original author: izhilzha, remix author: goddess47

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