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Harry Potter: You're Not the Only One (For a Dead Guy, Albus Sure is Busy Remix)

Original Fic: Voices Within, by velvetmouse
Remix: You're Not the Only One (For a Dead Guy, Albus Sure is Busy Remix) [Neville Longbottom, Severus Snape, 100 words, rated G], by goddess47

The packaging was curious but Severus was distracted by the vial Longbottom reverently extracted from the box. In fascination, he watched as the boy added the sap... one... two... three. The liquid in the cauldron turned a perfect shade of gold. Longbottom decanted the potion into a clean vial and handed it over. Neville's hand did not shake until Serverus had possession of the vial.

Drinking the liquid Severus shuddered, it was as foul as he had feared it might be.

Severus, the voice of Albus chided softly in his head. What do you say?

"You'll do, Longbottom. You'll do."
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: harry potter, original author: velvetmouse, remix author: goddess47

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