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Supernatural: The Time John Ran Away (The I Heard Nothing Remix)

Original Fic: Four Times Dean Was Forced to Watch a Musical (and one time he secretly loved it), by kiwiana
Remix: The Time John Ran Away (The I Heard Nothing Remix) [John, Dean, 260 words, rated G], by donutsweeper

John gets home from the hunt a little earlier than expected and the only thing on his mind is a long, hot shower to ease away the aches and pains and get rid of some of the muck he's covered in. Except he forgot Dean was home from school and, because his luck has always been crap, Dean's currently hogging the bathroom, using up all the hot water as he takes his own shower.

John is just about to bang on the door, because there's a hierarchy to showers in the Winchester household and both boys know he's on top, when he hears...singing?

"Grease lightning! Go grease lightning! You are supreme ~ uh-huh ~ the chicks'll cream ~ uh-huh ~ for grease lightnnnning... Go, go, go, go, go, go, goooooooo."

John grabs his bag and flies out the door before he knows it because there has to be a ghost or a rawhead or something, anything, he can find to hunt because going up against a demon or something supernatural had to be better than having to keep a straight face when Dean walked out of that shower.

He's headed back to the highway, cranking the radio up as loud as it can go, but he just can't get that gooooooo out of his head and eventually he bursts out laughing so hard he has to pull the car off the road. He has to get it out of his system before he goes back. There's no way he'll ever admit to Dean what he overheard. Not going to happen. Ever.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: supernatural, original author: dramaqueen469, remix author: donutsweeper

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