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Doctor Who: Watching From Afar (The Waiting To Hear From You Remix)

Original Fic: Living by the Clock, by astrogirl2
Remix: Watching From Afar (The Waiting To Hear From You Remix) [King Louis XV, 100 words, rated G, spoilers for "Girl in the Fireplace"], by donutsweeper

She was his mistress, his lover. He knew he was to have Jeanne-Antoinette, his beautiful Reinette, from the moment he saw her at the Yew Tree ball. He brought her to Versailles and installed her in an opulent apartment directly above his own. She seemed happy, although there were times he walked in to find her staring longingly into the fireplace and he never understood why.

Until the day the Lord of Time appeared and suddenly the King knew-

She was his in every way that mattered, but one. A piece of her heart would always belong to her Doctor.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: doctor who, original author: astrogirl2, remix author: donutsweeper

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