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Supernatural: Minor Fall, Major Lift (The Broken Hallelujah Remix)

Original Fic: Love Is Not A Victory March, by pdxscaper
Remix: Minor Fall, Major Lift (The Broken Hallelujah Remix) [Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, 316 words, rated PG-13, warning: character death], by donutsweeper

By the time Bobby got there it was too late. The good guys had won, but at a terrible cost. Sam lay dead and Dean? Well, he may as well have been. He clung to his brother's body, rocking back and forth, staring off at the horizon like there was an answer out there. Dean didn't even blink when Bobby stepped in front of him, just kept making this soft little mewing sound, tears frozen on his face.

"Dean?" Bobby was patient, but his joints weren't what they were and there was no way he'd be able to squat there and wait for Dean to get himself together on his own. He managed to get himself down on one knee and lay a hand on Dean's shoulder, giving it a little shake. "Dean?" It was then that he realized that Dean was actually saying his brother's name over and over again.

"Dean." Bobby used that no nonsense, I'm-giving-you-an-order-so-you-better-damn-well-listen, tone he'd learned from John when the boys were young. "Look at me." And the hell of the thing was, he did. Dean turned, his dull, lifeless eyes seeking out Bobby's face.

"Sammy's dead," he said, his voice as empty as Bobby had ever heard it.

"I know, kid. I know." Bobby stood and tugged at Dean. Trying to get him to his feet. Trying to convince him to move. Trying to get Dean to do something, anything, other than lying down and dying right there next to his brother. "Come with me back to my place, I got a beer with your name on it."

"Sammy's dead."

"Yeah. Yeah, he is." Bobby could see Dean trying, and failing, to process that fact and he knew, then and there, that losing Sam had broken Dean in so many ways there'd be no putting the pieces back together. But Bobby was stubborn enough he was still going to try.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: supernatural, original author: pdxscaper, remix author: donutsweeper

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