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Psych: Feeling Pretty Psyched (The Zompocalypse Remix)

Original Fic: And I Feel Fine, by melodyunity
Remix: Feeling Pretty Psyched (The Zompocalypse Remix) [Shawn, Gus, Henry, 345 words, rated PG], by lotus0kid

Henry Spencer glances up from the tacklebox he’s re-organizing when he hears a flurry of knocks on his front door. With a sigh, he crosses the room, and opens the door to find Gus and Shawn on the porch. It’s worth noting that Henry has never seen his son look so excited. He’s bouncing on his heels, eyes alight and smile seriously threatening the structural integrity of his face. “Dad! Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad! It’s finally happened! The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us!”

Henry lifts an eyebrow and looks to Gus, “Did you let him stay up all night?”

The jaded eye-roll he expects doesn’t come. Gus instead swallows and shakes his head. “Have you turned on the TV lately? Or the radio? Or... checked your e-mail?”

“Gus, please,” Shawn interjects, “Dad wouldn’t know the end of the world if he yelled at it to get off his lawn.” He turns back to Henry, “You know, you’re luck is astronomical today, because I have a foolproof plan to keep us all safe and uneaten through the coming days of madness and terror. You thought I was crazy when I devised my zombie survival strategy all those years ago, but who’s laughing now?”

“I thought it would keep you quiet for an afternoon is what I thought,” Henry corrects him mildly, “Anyway, are you both absolutely certain this isn’t some hoax?”

They both nod, Shawn like a bobblehead toy in an earthquake, Gus like a solemn metronome with wide, frightened eyes.

“Well, okay then, come on inside.” Henry stands back and lets the younger men into the house.

To the horrifying calamity’s credit, what follows is one of the longest nights of Henry Spencer’s life. But only because he has to endure his son’s growing disappointment as the streets remain stubbornly free of the shambling horde. That would change later on, but when dawn breaks without so much as an unearthly moan for braaaiiins, Henry gives Shawn’s slumped shoulder a compassionate squeeze, exchanges relieved smiles with Gus, and sends them on their way.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: psych, original author: melodyunity, remix author: lotus0kid

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