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Firefly: Distilled (The Radiator Coils and White Sugar Remix)

Original Fic: Juice, by n_e_star
Remix: Distilled (The Radiator Coils and White Sugar Remix) [River, Simon/Kaylee, 150 words, rated PG-13], by little_missmimi

River is the first to know that Kaylee's pregnant. She can sense the early waves of nausea, see the new curves and swells half-hidden by the utilitarian material of Kaylee's jumpsuit, taste Kaylee's want for sour cream and candy corn (but not together). Odd cravings can be a sign of iron deficiency; River will have Simon give Kaylee regular supplements.

Kaylee is glowing--radiant, even--but they're docked for a space, and it's summer there, so she doesn't think much of it. For now, she's too busy fussing over Serenity to notice anything. River tinkers with the inter-engine fermentation system. She takes care not to touch anything else; she just wants to make sure that Kaylee can't use the engine to make moonshine. Alcohol is extremely harmful to the fetus.

When Simon and Kaylee decide to tell the crew, River keeps quiet and acts surprised. It's their day.
Tags: -round 7-, fandom: firefly, original author: n_e_star, remix author: little_missmimi

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