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Blake's 7: Passing Fair (The Blood and Stone Remix)

Original Fic: Passing Fair, by kerravonsen
Remix: Passing Fair (The Blood and Stone Remix) [Soolin, Vila, Avon, 100 Words, Rated G] by kernezelda

Powerful, dangerous. It opens gates, let darkness in. Or out.
Soolin shivers under circled pillars, white stones from faery stories, smeared red.

Emerald-bright, velvet-soft.
In the mossy clearing, Vila lacks words to describe the forest.
Secrets live in its darkness. Sometimes, they emerge.
He doesn’t know what he’s seeing.
It approaches.

Shielded, Avon refuses existence.
He walked-- was half-carried out of one legend.
Appropriate that another grant the darkness he craves.
He welcomes the creature’s pearl-horn touch.

Glass melts. Wounds blaze and then heal.
Avon’s heart twists. His mind... eases.

The unicorn is beautiful, ethereal.
Avon yearns.
Tags: -round 6-, fandom: blake's 7, original author: kerravonsen, remix author: kernezelda

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