remixabot (remixabot) wrote in remixthedrabble,

Harry Potter: Begin Again ('The Letter' remix)

Original Fic: The Letter, by velvetmouse
Remix: Begin Again ('The Letter' remix) [Hermione, 100 Words, Rated PG] by be_themoon

Hermione is clever.

She’s known this for a long time, flaunting it and getting angry when people don’t praise her for it. She spends her afternoons home alone, memorizing facts she doesn’t need to know. They are as potent as the magic that hides Diagon Alley from everyone not quite as clever as her. She will go to Hogwarts and she will learn the facts of magic until it is something she can understand, something she will make her shield against the darkness she can feel closing in on her new world.

She will begin anew and never be alone.
Tags: -round 6-, fandom: harry potter, original author: velvetmouse, remix author: be_themoon
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