remixabot (remixabot) wrote in remixthedrabble,

Narnia: Velocity Girl (The Wild Things Remix)

Original Fic: never a crack in the ivory tower, by be_themoon
Remix: Velocity Girl (The Wild Things Remix) [Susan, 100 Words, Rated PG] by paperflowered

Susan lets go of (almost) everything. While her siblings are grasping on too tightly, unable to find their footing, she finds herself dancing fluidly and with ease through their first world, the one they were born into, the one that they were meant to live in (they forget this; she doesn't ever).

She looks at herself in the mirror, and her red lipstick is like a gash across her face. Setting her mouth in a line, Susan opens the tube and scrawls across the glass: this is my world, hoping that somehow the words will bleed through to His side.
Tags: -round 6-, fandom: narnia, original author: be_themoon, remix author: paperflowered
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