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Middleman/Heroes: Negotiations

Original Fic: The Animal Rights Protest Negotiation, by lotus0kid
Remix: Negotiations [AU Middleman/AU Lacey, 100 Words, Rated G], by mechturtle

"Jessica says this guy can, like, fly and read minds and heal super quickly -- even stop time!" Lacey explained. "If we rescue him from the Company jail, he could help us take down Fatboy Industries."

The Middleman closed his eye and sighed. "Fine. Any thoughts about gettin' in?"

"Jessica knows a guy--"

"How many bills?"

Lacey bit her lip. "I-- We... kinda already paid him."

"Definitely worth my time, you lovebirds." Claude's grin, then the rest of him, appeared opposite the Middlebed. No need to tell Lacey he'd've sprung Peter for free without the show. "Now, here's the plan..."
Tags: -round 5-, fandom: [crossovers], fandom: heroes, fandom: middleman, original author: lotus0kid, remix author: mechturtle

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