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Stargate Atlantis: Practice Theory (The Agency Remix)

Original Fic: Theory/Practice, by isiscolo
Remix: Practice Theory (The Agency Remix) [John/Rodney, 100 Words, Rated R] by sabinelagrande

In theory, John and Rodney are friends.

In practice, everybody on the base can see that they're only ever ten minutes away from fucking; nobody cares anymore.


In theory, John is bisexual.

In practice, John hasn't had sex since Earth- he barely even has time to jerk off these days.


In theory, crowding Rodney up against the wall and palming his dick is sexual harassment, abuse of power, and a clear violation of the UCMJ.

In practice, Rodney sighs, "Fuck, finally," and kisses him like he's dying for it.


In practice, John doesn't have a lot of patience for theory.
Tags: -round 6-, fandom: stargate atlantis, original author: isiscolo, remix author: sabinelagrande
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