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The X-Files: This is Not Written (The Work In Progress Remix)

Original Fic: Untitled, by zulu
Remix: This is Not Written (The Work In Progress Remix), [Mulder/Scully, 100 Words, Rated G] by iamsab

She had nearly broken down before a Senate subcommittee just thinking of a world without him, but she soldiered up once she lived in one. Strong right up till he reappeared and reminded her of the shape of the hole in her heart.

"There's more to you than 'im," says Doggett, in the hospital. Mulder's pulse is thready. There's no one behind his eyes.

If the world swallowed him whole, she thinks, their story would be left unfinished. She'd be alone and no next chapter, no next page.

"No." Mulder's voice, muffled, far away. "The baby," he says.
Tags: -round 6-, fandom: x-files, original author: queenzulu, remix author: iamsab
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